Surrey has been highly criticized for its over dependence, on older players during the last cricketing  season. They have finally agreed to offer contracts to five youngsters, Chris Murtagh has been offered a one year contract, whereas Matthew Spriegel, Laurie Evands, Stuart Meaker and Arun Harinath have been given two year deals in the cricket team of Surrey
"Its really good to know, that quality players are produced by our PG academy programme, which can be seen by the good progress of Kade Dembach and Matthew Spriegel in the first team this year, although we faced a dissapointing season nevertheless" academy director Gareth Townsend said.
It goes without saying that players such as Dembach,Spriegel, Stuart Meaker, Arun Harinath, Chris Murtagh, Laurie Evans and Simon King have worked on their cricket for making a successful career with the club, and we have faith that these players will contribute to Surreys success in the future.
Gus MacKay observed that "These youngsters are going to play a key part in our rebuilding process and will also play a crucial part in our cricket clubs long term progress"