Matt Hague, the Jersey captain whose team was relegated to Division 5 of the world Cricket League, has retired. He said "I just dont quite enjoy the game as I used to so I feel this is the right time for me to retire." we've done quite fine since the time I've been captain so I think its the right time to step down and pass over the reigns."
Hague had moved to Jersey after playing grade cricket in Australia,where he was born and had led his side through continuous success in which Jersey was promoted from affililate ranking to Associate ranking by the ICC. During the recent World Cricket league Division 4 matches held in Tanzania they had won only one out of the total five matches played.
"Tanzania was an unforgettable experience not for the results sake but for playing on foreign land with better players.We did well in World Division 5 and had good success in Guernsey playing the European tournament.
Hague's decision to retire was a second blow to Jersey cricket in a week, after Peter Kirsten's move from Jersey to Kenya, where he would be joining his brother Andy, as a part of a coaching team.